How to Sell Your Company

While there are multiple ways to sell a business, every sale is determined by two critical factors: timing and preparation. In a context where the average business owner has 70-80% of their net worth tied to their company, careful planning is key to maximizing profits.

Opportunity Network Wins the Grand Prize for FIBC 2018

Opportunity Network Wins the Grand Prize for FIBC 2018

Photo by FIBC Among other 25 startups, Opportunity Network was selected the winner in FIBC 2018 – the largest fintech event in Japan. FIBC is the longest established FinTech Conference focused on pitch contests in Japan. It attracts global audiences from Investors,...

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Portugal and its Golden Visa: Citizenship by Investment

Written by Naomi Peng Beautiful and low-density countries in Europe, such as Portugal, are increasingly devising smarter ways to capture foreign capital and increase the economic welfare of their states. These opportunities present a win-win solution because it allows...

Telemedicine: A Quarter-Trillion-Dollar Investment Opportunity

With telemedicine providers seeing 50 to 175 times the number of patients they did prior to COVID-19, virtual healthcare is receiving increased interest from investors. Rafael Paniagua, Partner at TeleMedCare, explains why the market is so lucrative and gives 3...

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