Cantine Sensi is one of the most renowned luxury wineries in Tuscany, the Italian heart of high-end wine-making. The family company has always strived to have a continuous growth and has succeeded in expanding exponentially their market reach worldwide.

Massimo Sensi represents the company fourth generation and has become the savvy CEO that foresaw in Opportunity Network a profitable source of deal-making.

“Nowadays, in order to succeed, one has to overcome the world barriers and Opportunity Network embeds that concept. This is a great tool to stand out in an increasingly competitive crowd and an innovative channel that uses a digital approach.”

“It’s a vetted business environment where you can be networking with trustworthy CEOs and top managers from all over the world. That’s why I like it because from reliable partners come reliable long-lasting business relationships.”

“The human touch behind this platform is what really makes the difference, thanks to a great advisory in how to get the most out of this network.”

Cantine Sensi closed a successful deal with a well-established high-end beverage distributor in northern Italy, one of the most demanding and saturated markets when it comes to Food&Beverage.

Although the competition was extremely high, the reliability of Opportunity Network made the contact easy, straightforward, and effective. The deal-closing came naturally and the companies are now negotiating the next steps of their collaboration.

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