Within 10 days of posting Opportunities, the leading Italian company in storage solutions for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) identified a new technology partner and drew up their market access plan for the US, one of the LPG industry’s most difficult markets to enter.

“The LPG market is very closed, especially when it comes to doing something innovative and the start-up and small/medium-sized company landscape is difficult to track. I have often only found out about an innovation after it is been on the market for sometime. You can imagine what that has meant; once I had to set aside a whole production line because I could not find a solution…”

“Having published 5 opportunities with Opportunity Network, I have already received connections and I soon will meet in person with the manager of one of these companies that specializes in the “Internet of Things” to discuss a project focused on integrating a remote digital monitoring system in our LPG tanks. This partnership has the potential to further improve safety, especially given some of the extreme environments in which we operate. The ability Opportunity Network offers to reach the right point of contact who knows what you are talking about really makes the difference.”

“I am also interested in the American market because there are not many Italian companies there yet. Being one of the first is important and the LPG market in America is known to be very closed, making it difficult, if not impossible, for new players to enter the market. Opportunity Network provides us with the means to reach these markets and consolidate our international presence.”

“I confess that I was rather skeptical. At the beginning, I had the impression that Opportunity Network was not something useful for a company like ours. I thought it was only good for banking and financial operations, not to develop ideas. Then I changed my mind; less than a month after our initial conversation and 10 days after posting my Opportunities I received 7 contacts. I found what I am looking for and I did not waste time with what I’m not interested in – that is quite something.”

“You can imagine the physical and economic effort normally required to attend events or business trips. I really believe that the contacts I have established during this period with Opportunity Network would not have been possible by other means.”

Fabio Isidi
Sales Manager

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