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Manufacturer of cleaning products expands into a new industry


A manufacturer of vehicle cleaning products wanted to expand into pet care – they connected with a pet care distributor, who helped launch the product and agreed to sell the new range.

“For the past 50 years, Ma-fra has been a leading manufacturer of high quality cleaning products for automobiles across the world. Recently we spotted a gap in the market to diversify the product range and enter the niche sector of pampering pet care products. With this being a new focus area for the business, we sought partners to aid the expansion.

“We decided to use our Opportunity Network membership to seek a trustworthy partner for this venture. Within a month of posting the opportunity, we established a connection with a CEO of a prestigious pet product distributor.”

“Following an initial exchange of emails, we met to formalise a mutually beneficial partnership. Following the successful launch of the Ma-fra for pet product line, Ma-fra now sells its range through the new partner.”

“The connection yielded a very positive result for both sides. We got access access to a robust, international distribution network, whilst our new partner has been able to innovate by offering its customers a fresh and exciting new product.”

“We were able to quickly create a longstanding partnership which would not have been possible without Opportunity Network.”

Alessio Cassinelli Lavezzo
Ma-fra Spa

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