COVID-19 Drives 6x Increase in Online Business Deals

Apr 2, 2020 | Corporate

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  • (As of May 2021) As the largest platform of its kind, Opportunity Network connects 45,000+ vetted CEOs/C-Level executives and investors in 130+ countries looking to close commercial, fundraising, investing, supply chain, and M&A deals online.
  • Current members are sharing their business deals 5x faster and are finding relevant counterparts 6x faster than average since global lockdowns went into effect.
  • 35% of deals shared in the past week have been directly related to COVID-19 — with a total deal value of these opportunities already above $1 billion USD.
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Barcelona, Spain (April 2nd, 2020)

Opportunity Network, the private business platform for CEOs/C-Level executives and investors, is reporting a six-fold increase in connections as the 28,000+ members look to the online platform to help keep their firms running. In the past month, the network has seen a steep increase as business leaders use the platform to source alternative solutions to challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Only two weeks ago, a member posted a deal seeking 300,000 thermometers. Within three days, ten viable counterparts had contacted them through the network. Within the week, the member was able to ship the thermometers.

“Companies need help now,” says Brian Pallas, CEO & Founder of Opportunity Network. “Fairs, conferences, and events have been all canceled. Opportunity Network is one of the only solutions left in the market. We’re here to help companies access liquidity as well as replace trade partners as quickly as possible. We can and will do our best to prevent jobs from being lost.”

Our members have also been reaching out to their personal networks to share the benefits of Opportunity Network as a viable solution. “I’d encourage you to join. See what’s out there for you. Anything you need a supplier, a distributor, or a manufacturer, they’re all on here. Businesses from all around the world. We need to help each other through this time of crisis,” shares Opportunity Network member Noah Rosenfarb.

As governments began implementing lockdown policies, Opportunity Network observed an increase in deal postings using the phrase “COVID-19” or “coronavirus”. In fact, 35% of the opportunities shared within the network were directly related to the pandemic, presenting a total valuation of over $1 billion USD. Week after week these numbers are growing. Furthermore, members are seeking to shift entire supply chains to new venues in an effort to keep their businesses going.

Opportunity Network Deals Related to COVID-19

Connections to Related Deals

“More and more companies are facing liquidity crises. They are missing critical suppliers to be able to ship as well as be able to pay their people. Supplies are in very short order everywhere. We are able to connect businesses with the capital they need to keep going. We are able to help them find partners as they face disruption,” explains Pallas.

Opportunity Network currently hosts 28,000+ CEOs/C-Level executives and investors across 50+ industries. These members use the platform to connect to commercial, fundraising, investing, supply chain as well as M&A deals. Every member is vetted through partner institutions, such as Credit Suisse, ABN Amro, BBVA, YPO, and more. As a result, Opportunity Network maintains a safe environment for business leaders looking to connect to viable deals and trustworthy counterparts.

“We cannot compare ourselves to doctors, nurses, and many others who are risking their lives in the front lines every day,” says Pallas. “They are heroes. Still, they depend on other businesses to keep operating and keep global (and local) economies stable. At Opportunity Network we’ll be doing our best to help in any way we can.”

About Opportunity Network

(As of May 2021) Opportunity Network is a digital platform used by 45,000+ select CEOs/C-Level executives and investors from over 130 countries. Through the network, members share and connect with global business opportunities. The network boasts a total deal flow of 380 billion USD, distributed among 100+ industries. Furthermore, the platform membership is exclusive for companies and UHNW individuals with turnover and/or liquid assets exceeding 2.5 million USD.

To ensure the reliability and quality of the deals, Opportunity Network works with trusted partners to vet all potential members. Current partnerships with leading financial institutions worldwide include UBS and Credit Suisse, the London Stock Exchange Group, Citizens Bank, CaixaBank, Intesa Sanpaolo, Alfa-Bank, ABN Amro, Eurobank, BBVA, as well as many others.

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