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Source investment opportunities directly from CEOs

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Raise funds, invest and sell companies

Proprietary deal flow

Source proprietary deal flow before it hits the market.

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20,000+ qualified CEOs in 100+ countries.

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All members go through KYC, anti-money laundering and sanctions lists vetting by financial institutions.

Growth solutions for
Private Equity and Venture Capitals

Raise capital and debt

Closing your round in a timely way and moving on to deploy your capital is critical. Post your financing opportunities on Opportunity Network and access thousands of funds, family offices and UHNWIs. Find LPs and alternative financing sources efficiently by skipping middle-men and connecting directly with decision makers.

Source unique investment deals

Meet your investment objectives with direct access to investment and real estate deals in over 100 countries. Set your industry, geography and deal size preferences to meet your investment mandate. When you are ready to make contact, Opportunity Network connects you directly with the principal decision maker behind every deal.

Acquire companies

Find companies that meet your investment mandate and deploy your capital efficiently. Opportunity Network allows you to source deals before they hit the market. Set your preferred deal size, industry and geography to receive alerts the moment new opportunities matching your criteria are posted.

Find buyers for your portfolio companies

When the time comes to sell, connect directly with interested buyers and skip the intermediaries. Opportunity Network helps you close your fund when you need to with direct access to thousands of vetted CEOs and Investors.

Grow your portfolio companies

Grow your portfolio companies by sourcing the right procurements, distribution and licensing deals. The CEOs of your portfolio companies can leverage Opportunity Network to find the strategic deals they need to grow their companies.

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