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Jackie Iversen


Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical Secures Funding for COVID-19 Treatment

From the opioid crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sen-Jam is at the forefront of creating safe and cost-effective pain relievers.

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Italian Meedical Business

Italian Medical Company Uses Digital Solutions to Face COVID-19 Crisis

As the medical sector lives a bright period in terms of production and profit, losing a single link in the supply chain can derail an entire business.

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Sara Navarro Spanish CEO

A Family Business Steps into the Digital Age

Businesswoman & designer, Sara Navarro, discusses her experience as the third-generation CEO of a family business, and how traditional companies can benefit from digital integration.

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Ariel Shlien American CEO

Innovation: An Entrepreneur’s Key to Successful Business

As a serial entrepreneur with a varied career history, Ariel Shlien largely credits his success to his focus on innovation. 

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“The platform gives me the opportunity to do more proactive outreach & to generate more conversations, multiplying my lead growth.”

Noah Rosenfarb
Real Estate investor

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John Willert

“In my experience, the global scale of Opportunity Network makes it unique and unlike any other platform I’ve seen before.“

John Willert

Managing Director
Capital Partners

United States


Fabia Silva CEO Dronak

“I would 200% recommend it! Opportunity Network allows us to globalize our company and go beyond our local market.“

Fabia Silva

CEO Dronak



Ludwig Segers

“We made a connection within 72 hours of joining Opportunity Network, which continues to be an ongoing partnership.”

Ludwig Segers

CEO Segers International Transport



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