Opportunity Network reviews

Opportunity Network has significantly enhanced my productivity and has delivered incredible results”

Camilo Salomon

Chairman of Global Impact Assets, LLC


Over 52,000 leaders are already accelerating their success worldwide

Testimonial Ludwig Segers

“We made a connection within 72 hours of joining Opportunity Network, which continues to be an ongoing partnership”

Ludwig Segers

CEO Segers International Transport
The Netherlands


Testimonial Rita Rehtman

“The network is my firm’s key proprietary deal sourcing tool, especially for finding new investments in North America”

Rita Rekhtman

Founder & Partner


Testimonial Massimo Sensi

“It’s a vetted business environment where you can be networking with trustworthy CEOs & top managers from all over the world”

Massimo Sensi

Cantine Sensi CEO

Wine producer

Drone Company in Bilbao Connecting to International Investors

“I would 200% recommend it! Opportunity Network allows us to globalize our company and go beyond our local market”

Fabia Silva

CEO, Dronak
Testimonial Estela Sanchez

“It has helped us to cover our business needs. It’s interesting because it not only allows you to sell but also to buy”

Estela Sanchez

General Director of Dicomol


Testimonial Cor de Graaf

“Thanks to Opportunity Network, we can discuss business with vetted CEOs in a safe and trustworthy manner”

Cor de Graaf

Co-Owner & Director, 3P Group 
The Netherlands

Oil & gas, technical, energy, chemical and petrochemical

Testimonial James F Kenefick

“The network supplemented my whole travel/conference calendar. It has opened up new relationships – all over the world”

James F. Kenefick

Managing Partner, Azafran Capital Partners

Investment, Venture Capital

Securing Funding for Developing COVID-19 Treatment

“Whether facilitating collaboration or connecting to investment partners, Opportunity Network is the hub of humanity during these challenging times”

Jackie Iversen, Founder & CEO of Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical

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Investing in the High-Rising Cannabis Industry

“I have posted deals that have led to investment. And if not investment, definitely introductions to people who can help and we can network with”

Smoke Wallin, CEO of Vertical Wellness

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eCommerce Successfully Sourcing Suppliers & Products

“There’re always new opportunities, and we’re able to keep an eye on the marketplace. It’s a professional network: when you connect with someone, they answer”

Jordi Badia, CIO & CDO, Venca

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Turning Distress in Hospitality Into an Opportunity

“Opportunity Network has certainly been useful, if not to raise money over the past few months, to gauge the current climate in other parts of the world”

Andrew Landsburg, CEO of Code Hostels

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Testimonial Jason English

“It can help you stay in the know and discover avenues for growth. If you’re not in that deal flow, you might miss a hidden opportunity”

Jason English

Tech Entrepreneur, CG Holdings

Investment, Oil & Gas, Technology

Testimonial James F Kenefick

“I recently closed a deal with a chain in Chile, proof that Opportunity Network is valuable in generating new business”

Ege Özöztürk

Owner, Tradege

Trade, logistics

Testimonial Sebastian Campos

“Opportunity Network is my gateway to reach out to partners and put my business on the forefront at the global level”

P. Jayakumar

Toonz Animation

Animation & Film

Testimonial Donato Matteo Forte

“Opportunity Network is not your usual trading service. The service that it offers to its customers, the support, and the high level of customer care make it standout”

Donato Matteo Forte

Founder, CEO of Treeffe Coop

Food,Farming Electric, Energy, Manufacturing & Production

Testimonial Juan Antonio Duran

“We contacted and partnered with different vendors who would have been very difficult to connect with otherwise”

Juan Antonio Duran

General Manager, ST Computación

Technology, B2B Services, AI

Testimonial Sue Gilad

“Broadway is not typically a digital business but when the need arose the network connected us online to resources outside our personal networks”

Sue Gilad

Founder of Broadway Custom

Broadway, Theatre, Youth Education

Closing an International Deal During a Global Pandemic

“Opportunity Network is a great tool. I didn’t expect connecting and doing business with someone so far away to be so easy”

Jan Rene Fricke

Founder of Caffezza
Testimonial John Willert

“The global scale of Opportunity Network makes it unique and unlike any other platform I’ve seen before”

John Willert

Managing Director, Capital Partners

Investment, Venture Capital

Testimonial Sebastian Campos

“What I like most about the Opportunity Network platform is the level of confidence that one can have to do business”

Sebastián Campos

Director, Induacril

Plastic manufacturing

Testimonial Ludwig Segers

“Opportunity Network is great to connect with other colleagues in your industry and different industries in a safe environment”

Rafael Paniagua

Partner & Member of the Board of Directors at TeleMedCare Americas


Seasoned Real Estate Investor Closing $10M Deal

“The network gives me the opportunity to outreach more proactively and to generate more conversations, multiplying my lead growth”

Noah Rosenfarb, Real Estate Investor

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Medical Company Sourcing Solutions to Face COVID-19 Crisis

“We are increasingly making connections online as we seek new partners to shift our supply chain and accommodate new constraints”

Ivan Mangone, General Manager at Progetti Medical Equipment

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Raising $300,000 of Seed Capital for Robotics Company

“Opportunity Network is a great resource to get investor eyeballs on my business. It connected me with skilled investors and allowed me to raise capital in only two posts”

Joe Tagliente, CEO Lenrock Management Group

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A Family Business Stepping into the Digital Age

“With Opportunity Network, you know that your brand philosophy, your image, and your products are valued and taken care of”

Sara Navarro, CEO & Entrepreneur

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Testimonial Simon Gillet

“Through Opportunity Network we’re able to meet interesting people who can be powerful business connections”

Simon Gillet

CEO & Managing Partner, GAIFF

Private Equity, Investment

Testimonial Rafal Wlazlowski

“With Opportunity Network, it’s nice to know that I can fulfill specific business needs in a simple, digital way”

Rafal Wlazlowski

Co-Owner, Centrumelektroniki


Testimonial Deniz Ozcan

“It gives us a chance to increase our business’ visibility in the international market & establish quality connections”

Deniz Ozcan

Chief Marketing Officer, Tursam

Steel production

Revenue Accelerator Opening Up a Universe of Opportunities 

“I strongly recommend it to any business leader who is navigating a transaction, sale, or purchase of services, wholeheartedly”

Scott Gurfein

Managing Director of Product Equities
Testimonial Mariusz Klementowski

“Opportunity Network has made my business development easier and it has allowed me to meet new partners”

Mariusz Klementowski

CEO, AmerPharma

Food & Beverage, Sports Nutrition

Testimonial Ludwig Segers

“Opportunity Network opens doors to multiple countries & allows us to forge new relationships with like-minded suppliers”

Nils Goldschmidt

CEO, Terra Exports


Testimonial Kevin Olsen

“Opportunity Network has connected us with international companies with which we have created real business partnerships”

Kevin Olsen

CCO, Margistics


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