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A Third-Generation Company Stepping into the Digital Age

by | Feb 6, 2020

Businesswoman & designer, Sara Navarro, discusses her experience as the third-generation CEO of a family business and shares her insights on modernisation and how even traditional companies can benefit from digital integration.

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Designer Sara Navarro is taking the fashion world by storm and establishing herself, and her self-named brand, in the world of international luxury footwear. Already a household name in her home country of Spain, Navarro’s designs are a lasting favourite of her majesty, Queen Letizia of Spain, among other high profile bourbon women. Sara Navarro grew out of a modest family workshop created over 80 years ago in the city of Elda, in Alicante (Spain). The brand that once characterised itself by its 100% handmade products, is now known for its contemporary designs and trademark scented shoes. 

With presence on/offline in both European and American markets, and plans for further global expansion, Sara Navarro is certainly a brand on the rise. In the past years, Navarro has faced the challenge of bringing a family business steeped in tradition into the digital age. This third-generation designer has proven that technological advancements are not something to be left to tech companies. 

Throughout the decades, Sara Navarro has made advancement and innovation a focus in all aspects of the branding and production process. As the market demands changed, it’s been this vision and drive that has kept the brand one step ahead of the competition. A recognised symbol of Spanish heritage, creativity & quality, the award-winning brand is firmly situated at the forefront of the Spanish luxury shoe market. 

Sara Navarro, third-generation artisan and current designer, is upholding her family’s standards of innovation and looking towards further international growth in the new era of digital innovation.

Maintaining Heritage in a Modern World

So far, the brand has been able to evolve and adapt to the demands of a digital and globalised world while still holding true to its legacy, which for Navarro is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges. 

“We must maintain respect for our predecessors and not destroy everything they made possible. However, we still need to be able to adapt their legacy  to the times and to always enhance the essence of its value, reinterpreted once and a thousand times in a creative way.” 

When it comes to a family business, she knows that transitions are not easy. Changes must be made to meet the demands of modern times. That’s why, since the 2000s, Navarro has implemented digital and e-commerce strategies to open more distribution channels. According to her, “The digital age has changed for everyone. I don’t think there is a more important event in the history of mankind since the light was invented.”

Adopting these changes and this new marketing model has allowed Sara Navarro to maintain a presence in many international markets without having to travel to different countries. “The sales through the e-commerce is what has ensured the continuity of our brand.”

The Online Future of Business Relationships 

Following the advice of her grandfather, Navarro believes that “those who want, do more than those who can”. This is how she’s approaching her goal of being recognised globally as a luxury brand with a Spanish essence, capable of competing with the major luxury brands in the international market.

For Navarro, talent, global design and digital transformation is the perfect formula to achieve this objective and is why she is an active member of Opportunity Network. Using the platform to connect to counterparts around the world & business opportunities valued at over $241 bn, Navarro is expanding her network while maintaining the assurance that a deal is being made with someone reliable. 

It’s this kind of forward-thinking that has driven Navarro’s connections on the platform. It’s helped the company continue to grow and expand into international markets, taking Sara Navarro one well-heeled step closer to well deserved international prestige. 


Sara Navarro is currently a member of Opportunity Network

Sara Navarro

Designer, businesswoman & collector. Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts 2005

Sara Navarro

Designer, businesswoman & collector. Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts 2005

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