Opportunity Network Grants SMEs & Startups Free Access to the Platform

Nov 4, 2020 | Corporate

Free Access SME

Opportunity Network announces the launch of a new membership tier, LITE, designed to support SMEs, startups, and growing businesses.

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After a strenuous year, small businesses and startups are facing continued impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Economic turbulence has caused investors to become cautious and global lockdowns have made it difficult for SMEs to make contact or establish relationships with new investors.  Banks and traditional financial institutions have also scaled back investment, further increasing this unmet need. Relying on their global networks, most large corporations have been able to withstand these economic shocks. But for smaller businesses, one broken link in a supply chain could spell the end for the entire enterprise. 

In light of these challenges facing small companies, Opportunity Network is launching a new membership tier, LITE, designed to enable SMEs, startups, and growing businesses to access funding and growth opportunities from the network’s 45,000+ global members.

The platform will provide support to small and growing businesses that are suffering under the economic strain created by the global pandemic. SMEs currently represent 90% of global business interactions and 40% of the average countries annual GDP, making them an integral part of the national and global economy. With relief funding from governments and banks primarily channeled to larger corporations, SMEs are facing an estimated $5.2 Trillion in unmet financing need by the end of 2020. 

“The greatest limiting factor in business is opportunity.” – Opportunity Network CEO & Founder Brian Pallas.

“Through travel restrictions and economic fallout, COVID-19 has further raised the barriers on business opportunity, the impact of which is being disproportionately felt by small businesses. With the launch of our LITE membership, Opportunity Network can provide connections to new partners, international investors, or service providers on one single platform.”

Extending the Network to SMEs

Having historically worked exclusively with high-net-worth individuals and established companies with revenues or liquid assets of $2.5 million USD or above, Opportunity Network will now extend the wealth of the network to SMEs through its new membership tier. Catering to small companies and startups with revenues over $250K USD to connect with counterparts around the world and put their deals in front of large investors and experienced partners.

“Our company tripled our production of monitoring equipment, defibrillators, and ventilator parts. We were looking to get as much equipment where it was needed, as quickly as possible. Through Opportunity Network we were able to connect with buyers in need, worldwide.” – Ivan Magone, owner, and CEO of Italian-based medical equipment company Progetti.

The digital platform works as a safe business environment where chief executives, decision makers, and investors connect to each other’s investment, partnership, or business opportunities. This functioning digital ecosystem creates a secure point of connection for business leaders anywhere in the world to access over $380 billion USD in deal-flow from companies in over 100 industries. For small businesses, it’s a one-step route to exponentially increasing their growth potential. 

A 1-year Premier membership is valued at $6,000 USD. However, starting today, the new LITE membership will provide complimentary access for small businesses and growing companies, in an effort to limit any financial barriers to access.

Are you a business leader of a startup, SME, or growing company? Begin today to leverage Opportunity Network. Sign up for a LITE membership.

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