PKO Bank Polski Expands Partnership with Opportunity Network

Aug 18, 2020 | Corporate

  • With several hundred clients already finding success on the platform, PKO Bank Polski is set to extend membership to all eligible companies and individuals in its client base
  • All eligible PKO Bank Polski clients will receive one month of free access to the digital deal platform
  • As the largest platform of its kind, Opportunity Network connects 45,000+ vetted C-Level executives and investors in 130+ countries looking to close commercial, fundraising, investing, supply chain and M&A deals online.

Barcelona, Spain (August 18th, 2020) – PKO Bank Polski announces an expansion of its partnership with Opportunity Network, the private business platform for C-Level executives and investors, after experiencing widespread success from clients already on the platform. From today, all eligible PKO Bank Polski clients will be given one month of free access to Opportunity Network, after which they can secure long-term membership through the bank at a reduced cost (a regular 1-year license is valued at €5,500).

“What I like about Opportunity Network is that it is a reliable, trustworthy network – all members have been screened,” stated Damian M?cznik, Director of Recomedic S.C. & PKO Bank Polski client. “I know that I will get directly in touch with other decision-makers from reliable and carefully selected companies. This also allows me to finalise a deal in a faster way than normal.”

PKO Bank Polski is one of the networks’ 75+ trusted partners. From leading banks to trade associations, the list includes Citizens Bank, YPO, Credit Suisse, ABN Amro, Triodos Bank, and more. As a result, Opportunity Network maintains a secure environment for CEOs and C-level executives, and investors looking to connect to viable deals and trustworthy counterparts.

Fostering Client Success 

As a trusted partner, PKO Bank Polski has brought several hundred C-level executives onto the platform, representing polish companies’ interests nationally and internationally. It’s the feedback from these clients, referencing the platform as a key tool in keeping their operations running throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns, that encouraged the bank to invest further in the service. 

“Opportunity Network makes PKO Bank Polski stand out from the competition,” shares Iga Drz?szcz of El-Logic Grzegorz Kulawik. “The platform has allowed me to find new contacts in markets around the world. I certainly perceive it as an added value.”

By extending the partnership, PKO Bank Polski seeks to help companies withstand the economic pressure created by the COVID-19 pandemic. A fast and accessible way to connect to immediate solutions for liquidity, supply chain disruption and logistical interference across 100+ industries, the platform has been a vital tool for members.

“In the past eight months our PKO Bank Polski members have seen widespread success on the platform,” explains Opportunity Network’s Managing Director of Europe, Titia Westra van Holthe. “The feedback from these clients as well as the number of deals they have engaged in through the platform has further proven how important it is to offer this kind of service to clients. Through the expansion of our partnership with PKO Bank Polski and the offer of one month of free access to its clients, we extend this opportunity for success to the rest of their clients.”

Below is a series of statements from PKO Bank Polski clients already accessing the platform:

“The membership to Opportunity Network, provided by PKO Bank Polski, really helps us discover new business possibilities. The platform really works as within a few days I already received new connections. Apart from that, I am very happy with the level of support of the account manager of Opportunity Network. I am excited to find out what the platform will bring us.” | Anna Bi?ek-Gorzkiewicz, PRO-MAC

“An advisor from the bank encouraged me to join the platform. Within the first week we received connections. I added a post and got a quick response from a company in the industry. It turned out that we knew each other already from a conference, but it was only on the platform that we discovered the potential for a partnership in a slightly different area.” | Marcin Janaszek, Janaszek Electric

“I’m always looking for tools that allow me to promote my company and meet new partners. Opportunity Network not only provides personalized support, but it makes business development easier and allows for the discovery of new perspectives.” | Mariusz Klementowski, AmerPharma

About PKO Bank Polski

PKO Bank Polski is one of the largest banks in Poland and one of the largest financial institutions in the region. Though traditionally dedicated to retail customers, over the years PKO Bank Polski has also become a corporate finance leader of the Polish market. Its corporate banking segment has participated in projects of major importance for the entire Polish economy, financing major investment projects, engaging in restructuring and recovery processes and supporting regional development through solutions dedicated to local government units. At the heart of the bank is its ability to engineer comprehensive solutions for all companies: from small entities in the early stages of development to the largest corporates.

About Opportunity Network

Opportunity Network is a digital platform used by 45,000+ select C-Level executives and investors from over 130 countries. Through the network, members share and connect with global business opportunities. The network boasts a total deal flow of USD 380 billion, distributed among 100+ industries. Furthermore, the platform membership is exclusive for companies and UHNW individuals with turnover and/or liquid assets exceeding USD 2.5 million.

To ensure the reliability and quality of the deals, Opportunity Network works with trusted partners to vet all potential members. Current partnerships with leading financial institutions worldwide include UBS and Credit Suisse, the London Stock Exchange Group, Citizens Bank, CaixaBank, Intesa Sanpaolo, Alfa-Bank, ABN Amro, Eurobank, BBVA, as well as many others.

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