How to Post an Opportunity & Find the Right Business Partner

Aug 2, 2019 | Corporate

Finding the right business partner can be hard. However, Opportunity Network enables members to broadcast their needs to a network of trusted business leaders. Here’s how posting a deal to the platform works and how it helps executives grow worldwide.

Opportunity Network is an invite-only network where select CEOs and private investors grow their businesses worldwide.

How does the platform work for executives? The first step towards finding the right business partner is sharing deals within Opportunity Network’s  26,000+ CEOs in 120+ countries.

Posting a business opportunity in the platform is easy and fast for all of our members.
In average, 72% of the deals posted in Opportunity Network receive the first introduction to a potential business partner in the first 48 hours, saving executives valuable time. 

Our simple interface allows members to classify their deals according to their business needs: buy, sell, raise, and invest.  Opportunities can also be specified according to the industry, such as industrial and consumer goods, food, technology, real estate, professional services, agriculture, entertainment, travel, energy, construction and many more. In order to increase the deal’s exposure to relevant business partners, it’s best to include precise and clear information.

Before going live, every posted opportunity in our platform is reviewed by our dedicated team of Account Managers. In this way, we ensure that every deal is aligned with the best practices and we look to maximize the experience for every member. Posting your strategic business needs is simple.

You just need to follow these simple steps: 

Step 1

Begin by selecting “Post Opportunity”

Step 2

Choose between the four deal types depending on your needs. You can buy or sell as well as raise or invest capital on the platform.

In this demonstration, we’re choosing a “Sell” opportunity.  

Step 3

The next screens will allow you to fill out the details of your business opportunity so that you will find the right connections. 

Step 4

Opportunity Network has members from all industries. Select yours to connect to the right members.

Step 5

The sub-industry page further filters the search results choose one or more as necessary.

Step 6

If you seek to establish a business arrangement with another company, our platform will help you start. You will be able to find a business partner online setting up a joint venture. 

Step 7

Set your geographical preferences if you have them. Worldwide is the default, but you can select specific regions or countries if that suits your needs better.

Step 8

Now choose the deal value to reach businesses on a similar playing field

Step 9

Finally, choose a brief and informative headline and deal description to inform the network about your needs.  Once satisfied that everything is correct, click preview you will be able to see how the post will look to others. You can add a relevant attachment to better describe the deal if desired.

Step 10

If everything looks good, click post. After clicking post our team will review and approve the posting before it goes live.

Members can post an unlimited number of different opportunities. 

Start posting today and let the networking connections begin.

Accelerate your business growth with the right partners

Let us know what your business needs are. We’ll show you how to discover the best counterpart.


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