Opportunity Network Wins the Grand Prize for FIBC 2018

Mar 13, 2018 | Corporate

Opportunity Network FIBC Grand Prize

Photo by FIBC

Among other 25 startups, Opportunity Network was selected the winner in FIBC 2018 – the largest fintech event in Japan.

FIBC is the longest established FinTech Conference focused on pitch contests in Japan. It attracts global audiences from Investors, FinTech Start-ups, Financial Institutions, Media, and Corporations.

The Financial Innovation Business Conference, founded in 2012, pools together a network of distinguished people from FinTech at every level to contribute, explore, and network.

Innovative companies, innovative institutions and experts, come together for discussion, presentations and lectures about financial innovation, venture capital and service trends besides the pitching competition.

The event had 26 record-high participants with the support by well-known overseas accelerators and incubation centers, such as Startupbootcamp, Lattice80, Stone & Chalk, SuperCharger and various embassies.

Half of them were from overseas, and all presentations were given in English in pitches of no more than 7 minutes.

This year’s event was distinguished by a host of novel and innovative services: loan, investment, insurance, money transfer, authentication, and security.

This year, Opportunity Network is the winner of the Grand Prize Overseas for FIBC 2018

The business conference held in Tokyo the 2nd of March of this year, had five different categories in which the startups participated.

The Grand Prize is awarded by earning the highest scores in all of the five categories: 
Impact on financial markets, Quality of the management team, Innovativeness of the business model, Business growth potential, and Possibility of becoming a global service.

In this version, Opportunity  Network, the invite-only network for select CEOs and private investors, won the Grand Prize for FIBC. 

This means that the platform that includes 26,000+ CEOs from 120+ countries, was considered high innovative, with a significant growth potential, capable of impact financial markets, run by a great team, and already stablished as a global service.

Who chose the winner?

A distinctive group of judges is in charge of scoring each presentation and choosing the final winner. 

This year jury was conformed by: 

Mr. Masakazu Masujima, FINOVATORS Founder & President, 
Ms. Mio Takaoka, VP of Business Development of Medicalnote, Inc., 
Mr.Tetsuya Isozaki, General Partner at Femto Partners, Inc., 
Mr.Makoto Shibata Principal Analyst of Digital Transformation Division at The Bank of Tokyo, 
and Mr.Hisanori Ogawa, Director of Strategy research Office at Mizuho SecuritiesCo., and FINOVATORS Vice-President. 

To be chosen to participate, the start-up has to be founded within the past 5 years or less and be considered as a global company, among other requirements.  

Nizami Namazov, Business Development Vice President, responsible for global business development at Opportunity Network, received the prize. 

“It is an honor to be awarded by the FIBC, and this will keep empowering the whole team to achieve our objective.

“Good things happen when good people connect, and what we want to do is to offer that service. We want to connect CEOs with opportunities that will help them grow their businesses, and that will create a significant number of  new jobs, which is our main goal.” 

Namazov was the one in charge of presenting the company in front of the jury and all the attendees. 

“It is an honor to be awarded by the FIBC, and this will keep empowering the whole team to achieve our objective.” 

This award is an important achievement because it demonstrates Opportunity Network’s impact around the globe. 

More countries are realizing the great tool it is, to improve financial development and business growth. 

Watch the 7 minute pitch that granted the prize below.

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