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Opportunity Network Announces Partnership with BBVA

by | Feb 13, 2020 | ON News

A partnership with BBVA has opened the doors for Opportunity Network to enter Peru on a large scale. The business platform will boost the Latin American market and help develop the country’s economy by connecting its CEOs and decision-makers to their counterparts around the world.

  • This marks the first partnership in Peru which will enable Opportunity Network to operate at a large scale in this country
  • Peruvian CEOs joining the platform are expected to bring deals spanning 50 industries, enabling them to access a total deal value of USD 263bn
  • The partnership is aligned with the tech company’s purpose of creating equal access to global business opportunities by furthering Peru’s economic development

Opportunity Network is a digital platform for CEOs and investors from around the world to share and connect with business opportunities. Membership to the platform is exclusive for companies with revenues or UHNW individuals with liquid assets of more than USD 2.5 million.

This new collaboration will enable BBVA’s corporate banking clients in Peru to access to the platform’s services free of charge. The move comes after analysing the country’s expanding market opportunities. Access will allow Peruvian managers to grow their companies and make the leap into international markets.

“Our goal is to improve the way of doing business and create equal access to opportunities, especially in countries undergoing great economic development such as Peru”, said Brian Pallas, CEO of Opportunity Network.

“Entering the Peruvian market will not only substantially expand our membership base, but will also create access to unique businesses. Opportunities in Peru, currently estimated to span 50 different industries, will attract the interest of partners from around the world. Industrial and agricultural capacities especially are in high demand on our platform.”

 “We’re addressing an existing need” – Eugenio Corell

In order to guarantee a high level of trust and total reliability, Opportunity Network works with trusted partners to verify potential members. Current partnerships with leading financial institutions around the world include, but are not limited to, UBS and Credit Suisse in Switzerland, Intesa Sanpaolo in Italy, CaixaBank in Spain, Alfa-Bank in Russia, ABN Amro in the Netherlands, the London Stock Exchange Group in England, Citizens Bank in the United States, Eurobank in Greece and BCI in Chile, and now, BBVA in Peru.

“We have around 100 Peruvian companies already active on the platform, proving that we’re addressing an existing need,” said the Director for Latin America, Eugenio Corell. “As we begin operations with BBVA, we trust that we’ll see a very positive response from Peruvian entrepreneurs.”

About BBVA

BBVA is one of the largest multinational financial service providers in the world. Present in over 30 countries across Europe, the United States and Latin America, BBVA represents approximately 74.5 million clients worldwide.

About Opportunity Network

Founded by CEO Brian Pallas in 2014, Opportunity Network is now valued at $165M and has offices in Barcelona, London, and New York. The platform connects 27,000+ CEOs from 130+ countries and a total transaction flow of ~$240BN.

For further information contact: 

Eugenio Corell – Director in Latin America 

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