The Future of Commercial Banking

Aug 27, 2019 | Banking

Commercial bank ABN AMRO front

Find out our Trusted Partner ABN AMRO’s vision for the future of commercial banking, and see why they recognize Opportunity Network as playing a key role in facilitating client growth.

As a commercial bank, ABN AMRO strives to support its clients as they seek to achieve more sustainable business models.

The third-largest bank in the Netherlands is open about its clear and bold purpose of banking for better, for generations to come. It aims to contribute positively and enduringly now and in the future. 

One of the top challenges of the Winner of the 2019 ‘Western Europe’s Best Bank for Sustainable Finance’ is to support companies and help them transition into more sustainable business models.  In this way, ABN AMRO looks at partnerships with third parties as an opportunity to accelerate this transition to adding direct value to clients while also being able to cooperate on developing new propositions.

“The core products of today are not the core products of the coming years”

In this interview, CEO Commercial banking Daphne de Kluis, and Senior Managing Director of Commercial Baking Clients Fred Bos, chat with Opportunity Network CEO Brian Pallas, about the future of commercial banking. 

What are the core things that a bank should never outsource?

Daphne de Kluis: I believe in the end anything can be outsourced. Of course, we have credit knowledge and we have a certain market and pricing knowledge that will remain. But even there I think you could set up partnerships to improve. 

Fred Bos: Absolutely and we evaluate that on an ongoing basis. But maybe the core products of today are not the core products of the coming three years or five years anymore. 

How do you think as a bank, about non-financial services? Is that nice to have? Or is it a part of the new core?

Fred Bos: I think that is a must-have. Companies are in a transition. The transition from a conservative or linear business model to a much more sustainable business model. A circular business model even. And there we really want to support our clients and to accelerate this transition. 

But you need to have the knowledge and the network. 

Daphne de Kluis: Yeah, I fully agree. We shouldn’t talk about products anymore. We should think very much out of the box. What’s the real client problem? How can we solve that problem? Instead of what kind of product can I make for you?

What would you want the customer to think, in one sentence, of a commercial bank? Of ABN AMRO in the future?

Daphne de Kluis: I would love them to say: “They help many businesses grow”, in whatever way or form.

Can you give me an example of something you have done at ABN AMRO that worked very well in that direction?

Daphne de Kluis: I talk a lot to clients, I believe as a CEO one of the main things you should do is to understand your client base and everytime you met them what they say is: “I would like to meet your other clients as well” I would like to have a network in which we can share and I think Opportunity Network can help there.

ABN AMRO is a Dutch bank for retail, corporate and private banking clients with a primary focus in Northwest Europe, and Opportunity Network’s trusted partner since June 2018. 

Together, CEOs have the opportunity to access a reliable, successful national and international business network that will help them achieve their ambitions.

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