6 Tips From a Former Wolf of Wall Street to Build Successful Business Relationships

Aug 15, 2019 | Innovation

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Ex-Wall Street Wolf, Mitch Weiner addresses his recommendations to build business relationships that have been successful in his business journey.

Bankers and CEOs recognize the rapid growth of the global economy and the significance and impact networking worldwide can have on the success of an organization.

For a trustworthy and mutually beneficial professional relationship to occur and evolve, interpersonal communications must take place. 

Throughout my career in Wall Street back in the 80s, and my experiences on the trading floors, in trading rooms and brokerage industry, as well as in entrepreneurship, commercial real estate financing, and investments, I’ve utilized principles taught to me by mentors, and gained from real situations. 

Regardless of the industry, there are some things to have in mind in order to build relationships that succeed: 

6 Tips to Build Business Relationships

1. Imagine you are the person on the other side

First of all, identify what is that person trying to achieve. What are his or her company’s most important problems to solve? How can my company’s products, services, and people most effectively assist them?

2. Acquiring effective tools to enhance your relationship

It is priceless and necessary to acquire tools that allow CEOs from different nations and cultures to connect and collaborate with one another. Quickly finding a common ground for what they are looking to achieve, will help a lot.
For example, cutting edge technology which is user-friendly, such as that of Opportunity Network, significantly improves the probabilities of success.

3. A good business team

Having people to assist in understanding cultural differences and commonalities will help to pave the way to smoother, more efficient implementations and continued enhancements.

I am currently affiliated with a group of people which is heretofore unsurpassed in my long and diversified professional experience, and it is very helpful. 

4. Focus on the solution

If encountering an obstacle, focus on finding solutions. It is important to remember that the most beautiful rainbows have often been preceded by awful storms. In short: Don’t focus on the problem; find an important common ground and look for what can build strong business relationships.

5. Offer your help

This can be an example of my lifelong mantra “Fostering a spirit of cooperation instead of conflict nearly always achieves more and better”. Above all, business cooperation is always well perceived.

6. Be willing to learn and teach in the same conversation and relationship

Many CEOs and other executives have traveled a similar path, yet sometimes they have acquired different experiences along the way.
For instance, just as we were taught in school to share the things we have, sharing some of our experiences will bring us closer together.

Brian Pallas - Opportunity Network CEO

Mitch Weiner

Country Director/US Midwest for Opportunity Network

Senior Vice President at Longtin Family Companies. Expert in business development, financing and acquiring growth capital, client acquisition, and account management. Former Vice President Banking Relationships in Mack Companies

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