How a Drone Company Connected to International Investors

Aug 26, 2019 | Business Insights

Drones company over city in a sunset

In less than 24 hours, the drone tech company from Bilbao connected with international investors through Opportunity Network.

In the last couple of years, the demand for drones market has been taking off in many different industries.

A report from Goldman Sachs said that Drones are “creating a market opportunity that’s too large to ignore.” 

A market too large to ignore

They are evolving beyond their military origin to be present as tools in almost any business industry. 

According to other report from market researcher Ipsos, investments in agricultural drones grew by 344 percent between 2013 and 2015. 

In addition, consumers drone market it’s also growing and businesses and governments are expected to spend $13 billion on drones between now and 2020.

This means that they will have a tremendous growth in the coming years.

Aware of an expanding market

Aware of this market trend, CEO of Dronak, Fabia Silva, wanted to expand even more than what they unexpectedly did in three years.

Dronak is a tech company dedicated to remotely piloted aircraft solutions – commonly known as drones. 

They aim to generate concrete solutions for complex problems within different industries and tourism, in order to minimize human risks and optimize processes. 

Although they are based in Bilbao, they operate all over Spain. 

Expectations beyond fulfilled

Trying to find a company or CEO to invest in drones, in order to expand her operations and portfolio, she joined Opportunity Network to raise capital.

Out of the over 7,000 live deals available in the platform, 23% are related to actionable investment-related and raising capital opportunities.
Since every member in Opportunity Network is vetted by financial institutions and its Trusted Partners, the platform seemed like a fast and safe solution to take Dronak to the next level. 

As a result, in less than 24 hours Silva connected to several international investors looking to invest in technology.

Photo by Dronak

“We have a global type of company, within its structure and product design, so we were looking for investors that could match our focus and have a more international overlook,” said Silva. 

Expectations were beyond fulfilled. In short, this was the right tool to go further and communicate at an international level. 

When asked about her experience with Opportunity Network, Silva mentions the strong support of the people behind it, and the huge improvement her company was able to obtain. 

Photo by Dronak

“Entering other markets, with the local focus we had was outside our reach. Achieving communication with very important contacts, which leads to good networking would have been inaccessible for us.”

Dronak expects to keep expanding and is an active member of Opportunity Network. 

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